Our firm helps retirees with both educational and product implementation services by integrating all facets of the retirement puzzle:


  1. Income For Life Planning - educating you with the methods to receive the highest and most consistent income throughout your life – no matter how long you may live.

  2. Longevity Planning- to help prevent you from running out of money down the road by stress-testing your portfolio to make sure it can last throughout whatever negative fluctuations the stock market is capable of throwing at you over the next 30-years.

  3. Medicare Insurance Options - maximizing benefit choices while reducing unexpected healthcare and prescription drug costs.

  4. Social Security Election Analysis – help you to not only be made aware of the largest income you are entitled to, but more importantly the most tax-efficient overall income you may receive throughout you and your spouse’s life.

  5. Legacy Planning for the Next Generation(‘s) - leaving large amounts of tax-free wealth to your kids and/or grandchildren, or perhaps a charity, without jeopardizing your own quality of retirement.

  6. Advisor Integration – Working with your CPA, attorney and other advisors to make sure everyone is on the same page and working in a team approach to maximize your retirement journey.

  7. Comprehensive Report – we provide a comprehensive report to each of our clients showing a detailed analysis and solution of the above-mentioned retirement puzzle.


We have over 45 years of practical knowledge and experience between us and make sure we provide the very finest analytical tools available to analyze and monitor all facets of our client’s financial lives.

[This information does not constitute advice in the area of legal or tax advice. It is your responsibility to seek guidance and advice from your own legal and tax counsel. Estate planning is done in conjunction with your estate planning attorney, tax attorney and/or CPA.]