Investors often buy products at one point in their lives, but fail to sell them when they no longer make sense. What’s more, it is not uncommon for investors to form emotional attachments to certain investments. Our job is to look beyond your rationale and assess what your portfolio is doing well—and what it lacks.

The goals of analyzing existing positions include:


  • To determine whether your current holdings match your risk tolerance

  • To analyze if you OPTIMIZED your portfolio with the objective of performing better in down-markets as well as better in up-markets?

  • To review your existing holdings with a mind toward possibly introducing alternative strategies

  • To complement your existing positions

  • To get to know your comfort level

  • To understand your previous investment methodology

  • To find out who influenced you to make previous investment decisions

  • To uncover your buy/sell discipline

  • To assess whether or not previously held assets were compared to an appropriate benchmark, or how investments were monitored

  • To identify any critically urgent problems that your portfolio poses

  • To calculate the amount of income your portfolio generates in relation to the amount you need

  • To spot any problems concerning the titling of assets

  • To identify any issues with the beneficiaries listed

At its core, developing your financial plan requires us to examine two elements: your goals and your current situation. We may or may not be able to build a bridge that links the two, but not until we know exactly where you stand today can we forecast a plan for tomorrow.

The importance of monitoring portfolios:

Monitoring your account also requires that we remain in close contact with you. As time passes, your risk tolerance and income needs are likely to change, and your portfolio needs to reflect those changes. For all of these reasons, we are just as careful about monitoring your portfolio as we are about the initial investment selection. We track the securities in your account on a daily basis, we look to rebalance your account when it deviates from its original allocation, and we meet with you periodically to address any changing life situations, financial goals, and needs. It is also important for you to communicate these life changes to us.

Some investors pride themselves on their ability to pick securities. But if their investment process does not include rigorous monitoring, that initial effort can be all for naught. Prudent investing requires intelligent monitoring, and implementing your portfolio is just the first step in a long-term relationship.


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